Empty Nesting.

I walk by their rooms a dozen times a day. Most of the time I don’t think about that fact. Some of the time it causes me to think about how they’re doing that day. And sometimes I veer off course and walk into the room. It’s a reflex. No, not a reflex, a whim. [...]

An Angry Hum?

An Angry Hum. It’s been a phrase floating in and out of my head for years. I’m not sure where or why it first popped in there. I’m thinking it probably was me trying to describe the muffled shriek of life, when your calendar is packed full of stuff that has nothing to do with [...]


My name is Troy. I write things. I draw things. I eat, drink and cook things. I’m half a thing that raised two things to nominal adulthood, and I’m married to the greatest thing of all. Hopefully I have things to say. And mostly I hope you enjoy them.