The Fancy Food Theorem

So here’s my Fancy Food Theorem. To make your food sound fancy, include the ingredients in the title. Example: “House-grind Prime Beef on Brioche with 12-month Cheddar topped with heirloom tomatoes and a free-range organic egg.”  A cheeseburger. I write this not to mock or denigrate foodies or fancy food in general. OK, maybe a [...]

No Well-Worn Routes.

I was on my bike, some evenings ago, looking for dinner. Tacos maybe, or a crappy burger. There was a Vietnamese place down the road that made good soup. The air was spongy and unseasonably warm. Still cool enough that the combination of temperature and humidity was kind of gross. It was a pleasant ride [...]

Stupid Home Ownership

When it comes to home improvement, home repair, home ownership, I’m crap. I mean it. Pure shit. I own a few tools, including a couple called “star shape” and “thin saw”. Can’t tell you why I suck at home-owning, other than to say I’m not inclined. Now I’ve used that term “not inclined” to some [...]