One of Her responsibilities on Thanksgiving is making the tags for The Drawing of The Christmas Gifts and Stockings, so when She stuck two coffee cups under my nose, I reached into each and drew out a slip of paper. On one, written next to the little clip-art stocking was my older nephew’s name. I grimaced on the inside. He can be tough to buy for. Not as tough as his dad,… Read More

He was old, and by old I don’t mean just older than me. I mean he was probably “the old guy” in whatever room he was in. He was wearing a wind breaker, khaki pants, white sneakers and a VFW baseball cap. He was standing in the bulk area of the supermarket, next to a sign that read “Hands-free shopping zone”. He was obviously a gentleman with great respect for the rules… Read More

I love Universities. I love the energy, the grounds, the history. I love the sense of hope and transformation at a University. So when I’m near one, I’ll check it out. She and I are in D.C., Her for business and me not for business. We’re staying not too far from Howard University, so I thought I’d check it out. It’s beautiful, and urban. Like the University of Minnesota, where Younger Son… Read More

Some time ago, I’m pretty sure it was before I was born, humans started using words to communicate. I’m very sure that a few minutes later, some asshole gave some other poor asshole a “piece of advice”. I’m certain it was very wise and not at all a myopic, semi-autobiographical humble-brag. Upon receiving unsolicited advice I’m usually like, “Sure thing Charlie Brown’s Teacher, I’ll turn left at I Wasn’t Listening because you’re… Read More

I noticed that as I pulled the nails out of the wall, they were hot. I thought that was kind of funny. Well, not funny in a ha-ha kind of way, more funny in a “holy shit I’m boring” kind of way. I was sitting on the floor in my sketchiest, most ill-fitting and post-trend shorts, a misshapen Target T-shirt, and my grisliest pair of low-top black canvas Chuck Taylor’s (I own… Read More